Britney Spears accused of storming out of X Factor US, actually taking a toilet break

When a girl's got to go, a girl's got to go...
Rebecca Holman
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When a girl's got to go, a girl's got to go...


Britney Spears: toilet break 

Simon Cowell is concerned that professional crack-pot Britney Spears isn’t up to the job of being a judge on X Factor USA.

Not because she's done anything mad yet, but because she keeps getting up wandering off during filming, as Simon’s mum a source close to the show told the Daily Mirror.

‘It’s embarrassing to have an empty seat on the panel in filming sessions as the footage is almost totally wasted. If a great singer appears and producers want to use the audition, you have to tell viewers why Britney wasn’t there. That’s not easy.

'Britney is getting £10million to appear and it could be the biggest gamble Simon has ever made.'

Britney’s manager responded by basically telling everyone to take a chill pill – lady’s got to have a toilet break every now and then: 'what is everyone’s problem? Every time Britney stands up or wants to go to the bathroom she gets accused of walking off.

'Everything is fine, Britney loves being on X Factor.'

I guess when you’ve already got a reputation as a total loon, people are going to assume the worst. But seriously Simon, don’t make her hold it in – a girl can do herself a mischief that way.