Unrepentant Fangirling: Gossip Plays at Cannes

Beth Ditto don't give a f*ck. And it's GLORIOUS.
Lesley Kinzel
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Beth Ditto don't give a f*ck. And it's GLORIOUS.

Gossip performed at Cannes this week, and of course there is video. They played their new single "A Perfect World" for a "Dictator"-clad Sacha Baron Cohen, who is so candidly into Beth Ditto it's kind of adorable.

Highlights include Beth calling Sacha Baron Cohen her dad, a friendly pelvic-thrusting competition between them, Beth telling the host she is drunk, and then speaking a little French (which is so hot I can't even). Also, the most amazing dress in the world at this moment.

Next, we have a countryfied cover of "Candle in the Wind" in a huge auditorium with a weirdly sedate crowd (at one point Beth actually asks them, "Are you alive?"). It's painfully awkward, but STILL CHARMING, which as you all know is my personal goal in life. (Do not miss the split-second shot of Ewan McGregor looking way unimpressed at 2:58.)

Later, Gossip played "Heavy Cross," but not before Beth could alert the crowd to the fact that there are rich and famous people present somewhere at the event. Even GEORGE CLOONEY.