Open Thread: OK, What is the Best Song Ever?

I know it's hard, but please, please, please play the game with me. Pick!

Jun 25, 2013 at 1:43pm | Leave a comment


I don't even like Fiona Apple that much, but here I am bestowing her with my vote for #bestsongever in her cover of Elvis Costello's terrifying classic. Why not. It's fun. PICK!

It's easy for me to choose my Top 5 movies and cut a swath through magical icebreaker land with that question.

But what is the Best Song Ever? (Yeah, it's trending on Twitter. I'm very creative.)

I have a lot of top songs, and for some reason this is one of the hardest pop culture you-gotta-have-to-choose questions for me.

The song I've listened to 8 million times and is No. 1 on my Top 25 Most Played is Miike Snow's "The Rabbit," but that's also the song I listened to the most when I was getting sober and it seemed like it was written just for me, and the video cracked me wide open.

So I think I'm a bit biased. Still. Great fucking song.

But I think I'd feel like a goon if I really chose that as my best song ever.

So I'm going to go a little rogue. I think Elvis Costello is one of the greatest singer-songwriters ever (and the limited edition Elvis Costello Steve Nieve box set from 1996 still goes down as my favorite box set of all time; I love to just listen to it as I draw, and go into a whole other realm of meditation).

Since my Costello nomination places his biting wordplay and assholish fuck-you inflection phraseology right there at the top of my musical food chain, I'd like to pair that with the raw unbridled urgency and intensity -- the two magical emotions that for me MAKE a song -- of another singer. (I always ask myself about a song: What kind of a feeling does it evoke?) And that is brought to you via Fiona Apple in this cover of Costello's terrifying ode "I Want You."

So this is my vote for #bestsongever. Come on now, you have to choose.

I will not judge you if you choose Cher. Only if you pick some shit like Barenaked Ladies.


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