14 Reasons Richard Simmons’ Instagram Feed Is Everything

Richard Simmons' Instagram feed is the only Instagram feed you need to follow.

Feb 24, 2014 at 11:30am | Leave a comment

I've been a Richard Simmons fan since I bought the "Sweating To The Oldies" VHS box set at Costco when I was 9. If he had an Instagram feed at that time, I would have been bathed in it. But he has one now and in my opinion, it's the only celebrity IG feed you need to follow. In case you're not up to date on the TheWeightSaint's photographic musings, I urge to get caught up right away. Spoiler alert: there are wigs, there is glitter and there are parrots.

1. He Believes He Can Fly


I need that shirt.

2. He Has A Motorcycle


Not going to pretend to understand, just gonna love.

3. The Mystery


You can have hours of fun coming up with a backstory for this.

4. The Drag


Serving Carol Channing realness.

5. The Wigs



6. His Bedazzled Workout Gear


That tank top.

7. More Of His Bedazzled Workout Gear


Those crystal cross-trainers! 

8. The Inspiration


If these pants don't inspire you to do leg lifts, nothing will.

9. The Celebrity Sightings


Is no one safe from Miley's tongue?

10. His Red Carpet


Who wore it best? Tough call.

11. His Use Of Photoshop



12. His Swimwear


It does laps around the competition. 

13. His Travel Photos


Richard does Miami like a boss.

14. More Of His Travel Photos


This is the kind of sight seeing Richard does in Europe.

All Photo credit to TheWeightSaint


Reprinted with permission from The Frisky. Want more?

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