What YOU Taught Us About Style This Week: I'm Really Not Fascinated Anymore

This is the end, my friend.
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This is the end, my friend.

Writing this column is really starting to be like pulling teeth and there is a pretty big chance I may kill it because I’m bored of writing it and unless there is a resounding “No! We love this column! Don’t go away!” this is probably the last you will be hearing from me regarding your outfits. 

I would feel bad if you guys got really upset about losing it (and if you are, you can tweet at me), but for some reason I just can’t write it with any gumption anymore. I just get so distracted by all of the other stories I’m working on that I think are bigger and better and more awesome. 

Just. You. Wait. 

So for our (probably) final choice for this week I pick pinksighs and her Librarian Fascinator. Oh GIRL this is pretty real. I don’t think I’d ever wear tiny flying books in my hair because I work in Times Square and people would try to take pictures with me. But, what you did is pretty rad. You would have absolutely been the talk of the royal wedding. Congrats.


I love it when people wear these fantastic things. What do you know about Isabella Blow, Fascinator Queen? Do you know who she is? I can’t show you photos of her because copyright laws blah blah blah fair use. You should look her up though because her hat game is infamous. She was partial to things that spelled her name, but these will do for a stroll through your local bookstore or something. 

Couture Bow fascinator $239; Tilt the End of Time Fascinator $29.99; PHILIP TREACY Buntal scroll-embellished parasisal hat $1,465; Lady Gaga Black Couture Wings $340


Couture Bow fascinator $239; Tilt the End of Time Fascinator $29.99PHILIP TREACY Buntal scroll-embellished parasisal hat $1,465Lady Gaga Black Couture Wings $340

Alright kittens, I guess you can still put your outfits in the comments. I know you like to talk to each other, which you should totally do. 

I'm out though. Have a nice life.