What Do I Wear To...?

Send me weird scenarios from your weird lives...and I'll help you decide what to wear!

Jun 7, 2011 at 11:02am | Leave a comment

Do you have a strange activity to attend in the near future that's freaking you out because you have no idea how to dress for it?

Like maybe your spelunker friend is getting married in a black-tie cave affair? Or you discovered your crush is a dolphin trainer and you signed up to go swimming with the dolphins so that you could seduce him/her in their natural habitat? (More common scenarios like coffee with the ex also accepted.)

Tell me all about it! no matter how weird your events might be -- actually, especially if they are weird or ridiculous -- and I'll figure out a way to outfit you. Leave them in the comments or hit me up at laia@janepratt.com.