Prepping for our next Dress the Ed shoot...

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Today we are doing a Dress the Ed shoot in the office and I'm going to be styling my willing victim Rebecca in pieces from - the site that sells pre-owned designer clothes, shoes and accessories at discounted prices.

Three big exciting-looking boxes came to the office earlier this week and when we opened them all sorts of designer delights were nestling within.


All the pieces from Covetique which we are going to choose from for our Dress the Ed shoot

Ever since I first handled the buttery soft leather of a Bottega Veneta bag in the fashion cupboard on my first internship I've been mildly obsessed with the cult Italian label. I was lucky enough to find a BV handbag on eBay many years ago and I would totally save it in a fire before rescuing my cat. Kidding! (Sorry Mitford.) Anyway, I rather love these classic brown leather Bottega Veneta sandals so we'll definitely be using those in a couple of looks.


Brown leather Bottega Veneta sandals

Lulu Guinness' red lips handbag is a modern design classic - so much so that it's on display in the V&A's newly reopened fashion galleries as part of the fabulous Ballgowns exhibition. It's amazing that Covetique currently has one of these available to buy and I know exactly how I'm going to use it in the shoot.


Lulu Guinness red lips handbag

One of the nicest things about buying pre-owned designer stuff is that good quality leather pieces like this Alexander McQueen handbag actually look better with age.


Alexander McQueen brown leather bowling battered

So now it's time to start the shoot - we'll bring you the results soon!