OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: The Dog Days Of Summer

As we head into Labour Day Weekend, I want to know what you're wearing.

Aug 29, 2014 at 4:30pm | Leave a comment

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Hey pals. How was your week? Did you get out and enjoy these last winding-down moments of summer? I spent yesterday at Toronto's CNE, which basically a giant fair with rides, games, deep fried food, vendor markets and a variety of other forms of entertainment. For example, I went to a Hanson concert. Yeah, really truly. And yes, they played "MMMBop."

As far as what I wore to listen to Hanson, play bingo and lose money on midway games that are most likely 100% fixed, I went for a camp counselor vibe. Or I guess, a camp counselor who works at Camp Serge Gainsbourg c. 1982 and maybe has a really bad attitude. I think I just have "Wet Hot American Summer" on the brain -- it feels very fitting for the mood of these last hazy weeks of heat. Or "Friday The 13th"? Either/or.


Check out the trophies for award-winning BBQ behind me. I had cornbread.

Also -- weirdly the first and only time I've worn shorts all summer. So, three cheers for not giving a crap about body insecurities and just enjoying the weather!

Now let's move on to what you were wearing last week. Commenter kt mo posted this photo of herself in a vintage '90s dress, wonderful floppy hat and freshly shorn hair and the whole thing has happy, nostalgic Summer written all over it.


I need that hat.

I also couldn't help but smile when Curvily NYC posted this smily photo of a psychedelic-print sundress balanced out with black accessories. 



Thanks so much for continuing to share your outfits with me here, and for keeping this place such a positive environment. You guys are awesome and I hope you have a relaxing long weekend -- just be sure to snap some outfit photos, ya heard?