OPEN THREAD: Sexy Or Spooky? What Is Your Halloween Vibe?

I know where I stand (SKANK SUPREME), do you?

Oct 22, 2013 at 12:30pm | Leave a comment

Everybody 'loves' Halloween. Or they say they do when it is mid-October and everybody starts talking about it. I'm into Halloween, DUH a holiday that pretty much revolves around creative costumes? Yep. I mean, there have been years where I've just been like "cover me in blood, I'm too tired to deal" but in recent years I've gotten into it.

Recently, I've given into two of the most difficult things I grapple with during the spooky month. One, I'm not a seamstress or master costume maker, so I think it is TOTALLY FINE to buy a costume that comes in a bag from some stripper store online. No shame in the store bought costume, this is not my wedding day. Two, I like to look skanky most days, SO WHY LET HALLOWEEN BE AN EXCEPTION? One of my favorite xoJane articles I worked on touches on this, and I want to bring it up again. 


Okay, you can't tell how skanky these are actually but let me tell you there was like SO MUCH LEG. 

I am taking a stand for sexy, sometimes nonsensical, store-bought costumes. Because, it's just Halloween and like every other night, I'd like to get laid. Thanks. Whenever anybody asks me what I am (last year, I was Sexy Amelia Earhart and nobody had ANY questions) I remember Mean Girls:

"I'm a mouse, Duh." 

Yes you are Karen. A sexy mouse, and that rules. 

I don't know about you, but I'm going to OWN IT this Halloween, again. My costume is a bit of a secret I can't stop talking about and I'm stoked. What are you going to be? Or rather, what is your 'vibe'? Sexy? Stupid? Scary as Hell?  Do you even have to choose?! 

Let me know in the comments, I'm eternally alone and I need your loving.