Obsessed With: Stackable Rings

Plus! Why you shouldn't take for granted the Miami magnet your aunt brought you from vacation.

Jun 8, 2011 at 2:02pm | Leave a comment


For the past two years or so I've been quietly working on filling my fingers with rings. It goes hand-in-hand with the "witchy vibes" that have been my dressing inspiration, even though I am not super goth-y or super hippie. But whatever, wearing a bunch of rings is cool and there is something instantly mystical about it. I don't usually buy a lot of jewelry because I always feel like I really need to make a "connection" (hippie alert!) with it. This is even more so with the rings as I imagine that they all have some sort of magical power–a feeling that probably stems from watching too many episodes of Captain Planet as a child.

On my right hand are the more personal rings: a gold ring with little emeralds that my grandmother gave me, a hammered silver band that my bandmate made for me for my birthday last year, and my class ring. Not because I'm still filled with school spirit or anything, I swear, I just got used to wearing it.

On my left hand I have two rings that I bought myself: an eagle ring by Bing Bang and a bear ring by Pamela Love. I hope to have only animal rings on this hand because why not? I've noticed that stackable rings have become a "thing," which I think is great because I love being able to mix and match and they really allow a lot of freedom in that department. 

Stackable Initial Ring $8 each, Urban Outfitters. 

I came across these stackable rings on the Urban Outfitters website during one of my weekly website crawls and immediately started to imagine what sort of things I would want my finger (or fingers?) to spell out. I love that they made them cheap enough to really go wild and spell something different every day. Let's face it though, I would probably end up getting rings that spell out L A I A. I have never been able to just go to a tourist shop and get a magnet with my name on a Florida license plate or a keychain with my name bedazzled on it or whatever. These rings can maybe fill that void. Ah, now you know about the loneliness of the unusually-named. We want "personalized" stuff, too!