How To Look Stylish In Wellies During April Showers Or Any Other Random Rainy Day

I know it's not the sexiest footwear option in the universe, but you CAN work a pair of rain boots in a cute way.

Apr 24, 2014 at 4:00pm | Leave a comment

I’m originally from Vancouver, which means I know my rain. With an ocean and mountains all in one place, there was almost always a daily downpour when I was growing up, and so I developed really impressive puddle-jumping skills, got used to getting drenched from head to toe on my way home from school, and for some stupid, unknown reason, absolutely refused to wear proper rain gear. 
I don’t really know what my problem was back then, because children’s rain gear is so ridiculously cute, and looking back, I think I was really missing out. These days, I’m pretty into rain gear, even though it’s hard to find attire as cute as the tiny raincoats and patterned umbrellas at GAP Kids. I walk almost everywhere in Toronto, and I spend a lot of time ankle-deep in mud with my dog at the park, so at some point good rain gear became an essential for me. Of course I have a few umbrellas and raincoats in my closet, and I love them, but most importantly, I love my wellies.
Okay, so true, they’re not the most stylish or sexy of footwear choices, but they’re so practical it almost hurts! There is nothing else so ready for the dog park and the mud, nothing else that allows me to trudge through the deepest puddle with handfuls of groceries on each arm that prevent me from jumping. Most importantly, there is no greater pleasure than walking any distance in a torrential downpour and not having to suffer with the squishy feeling of wet, cold feet. 
From Hunters to Michael Kors to no-name brand boots from the drugstore, there are seemingly endless types of wellies to keep your feet dry and safe from whatever crazy storm comes your way. Some of them are classic and have an English countryside sort of vibe, while others are stylish and embellished, printed with a fun pattern or cute glitzy details. There’s truly something for everyone out there, but here are some of my favourites:
Still not convinced by the darling fox pattern and bright colours? Here’s a few examples of how you can wear wellies without looking like you just walked out of a barn:

Wellies go great with a classic stripe and a touch of ombre. This outfit would also work with jeans or capris, but shorts give it a spring-y feel.


A light denim jacket and a loose, comfy patterned skirt are the perfect combo for dressier rain boots. 


A trench coat and wellies are about as classic as it gets. I'm wearing mine with a gold hair twist for a bit of sparkle plus a pink accessory for extra colour!

How do you wear your wellies?