Time To Resurrect The...? Guatemalan Belt

I have a secret and it's sold in the parking lot of Phish concerts.
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I have a secret and it's sold in the parking lot of Phish concerts.

There's a little something that's been weighing on my mind. Back when I was struggling with how to wear a size 20 pair of Polo Ralph Lauren pants, I asked Laia to help me. In so doing, she complimented my brown belt.



I just took the compliment and felt rather smug for styling my big girl pants to Laia's liking. But I suppose it's time I came clean. That belt is not simply brown. You see, what lurked behind me was....








The kind you may have seen on more boarding school kids in New England who listened to the Dead than on actual Guatemalans.

Like almost everything I own, this was purchased for $1 in the corner of a junk shop in upstate New York. I just can't decide if I like it. And that's the beauty of buying things for $1: Buy now, think later.

As the day wore on, I became self-conscious about the glaring 90s-ness of this belt, so I eventually untucked my shirt and covered it up. If you think I'm crazy and you want a Guatemalan belt yourself, options abound online. Here are a couple:


This website makes my head hurt, but you want options? TerraExperienceOnline.com will give you options. Their belts cost $25-$40.


Want more options? Try GuatemalaRainbow.com for $19.50.

Do you think it's time to resurrect the Guatemalan belt on non-Guatemalans or should it never have left the nineties? Let me hear it below.

UPDATE: My friend Lindsay recently trendspotted this on a gentleman walking the streets of New York. This fad has officially taken off.