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Being impressionable and shallow, if there’s one thing that’s likely to persuade me to switch off Murder She Wrote on a Saturday afternoon and attend some sort of exercise class, it’s fancy workout wear. Will I look like the pretty lady in the advert doing a bendy yoga pose? Erm, yeah, probably.

A couple of weekends ago I somehow managed to waddle my way around the 10k Race for Life course for Cancer Research (I will tell you about my ‘exercise epiphany’ soon) and one of the main reasons I managed it was because I looked REALLY COOL.

In this amazing picture in which I do a fantastic impression of Usain Bolt’s ‘lightning bolt’ move, you can see my running ensemble:


"I am the champion, I am the champion, no time for looosers cos I am the champion... of the WORLD"

I am wearing a grey vest and orange (new favourite colour) sports bra from Sweaty Betty. Can I just confess that I was exercising for a year in a cheapo t-shirt bra before finally getting around to buying a proper sports bra and, yeah, that was quite stupid. Next up are my running leggings from Vevie (£80,

Now Vevie is the new kid on the block as far as high-end exercise gear goes. Firmly believing that women want to feel comfortable in gear that doesn’t cling like a second skin when exercising, they’ve created a range which has a pleasingly retro vibe, reminding us a little of our school P.E. kit, but in a cool ‘60s sort of way. I have the matching vest to these leggings, but when I wear them together I look and feel a little like a superhero without any special powers.

I was wearing tatty TK Maxx tracksuit bottoms for far too long before switching to the Vevie leggings, which are high-waisted, don’t roll down when you’re leaping about athletically and gracefully and have a tiny pocket in the waistband to carry a tissue for mid-run snottiness.

And finally (drumroll) behold the glory of my new Nike trainers!


New Nike trainers. They are SO orange.

When I was ‘training’ for the 10k, I kept getting these shooting pains up my right shin and in my ankle and realised I was probably wearing really bad running shoes. So I went to the Nike store and submitted to the gentle ministrations of a nice young man who said something about me having a wonky gait (how rude!) and pointed me in the direction of these neon beauties. And it is like Running. On. Air. I floated around that course without the slightest bit of pain. Best £95 I ever spent – available here:

What do you wear to exercise? Does a neon-orange sports bra motivate you too?