Days spent by the seaside are the best, but what’s a girl to do when the sun starts to set and that ocean breeze becomes shiver-inducing?
80s movies
old clothes
I rarely wear these clothes anymore, but it’s like they have feelings and if I break up with them, they will be deeply hurt.
what you taught us about style this week
I'm not getting married but EVERYONE ELSE IS I GUESS so here's some pretty dresses and stuff.
short people
I’ve spent my whole life thinking I’m too short to wear long skirts and dresses, but lately I’ve decided I don’t really care!
ethical fashion
Recycling what drunk people leave behind is much more ethical than what a lot of clothing brands do today.
work clothes
I couldn’t control what students or colleagues would say or how they would behave, but I could control how I felt about my presence in the classroom. I did that by embracing my personal style.
I'm obsessed with my Blu Kicks so I asked them if they'd give a pair to a reader and they said yes. Yay!
what you taught us about style this week
The best way to give your outfits some vintage flair is with accessories.
When you start working from home, it's tempting to live exclusively in pajamas, but I've found lots of ways not to waste my office-appropriate pieces of clothing.
statement jewelry
They’re bright, they’re shiny, and they just might hypnotize everyone you speak to while wearing them.
party skirts
Also known as full skirts, party skirts are just the thing to get your outfits ready to celebrate this summer
what you taught us about style this week
White says "Hello, here are my exact proportions, hope you don't find them upsetting!"
black milk clothing
To test this theory, I compared a pair of Black Milk’s leggings to an knockoff to see if you can really save by going with the generic, or if the brand-name quality at a higher price is worth it.
I’ve been noticing that kids aren't making any of the hilarious and memorable fashion mistakes that I made when I was their age. HOW DO THEY KNOW BETTER?
Sometimes you need a little extra inspiration to get out there and sweat.
Happy Flip-Flop Day to a love that has outlasted literally all of my romantic relationships.
dear kates
Let’s face it, when it gets humid and hot in the summertime, sweat happens, but these moisture-wicking panties promise to keep you comfortable, even in a heat wave.
what you taught us about style this week