outfit ideas
By the way, every time you read the word "leather," feel free to mentally slip the word "faux" in there, if you so choose.
If you catch me buying shades for more than 100 bucks, you are legally allowed to slap me.
music festival outfits
It's a totally different approach than if you only hit the VIP section for a few hours.
midi skirts
fashion collaborations
No matter what I do, where I’m going or what my sartorial intentions are on any given day, I almost always end up in jeans.
Welcome to our new and improved version of Outfit of the Week! And yes, we still want to see your pics, so upload away!
sports bras
Sports bras ain’t cheap, and I hate to think of money just sitting there in my underwear drawer.
This list is largely based on my inability to hold my life together without intense technological support.
It's shiny, shimmery and magical, but I'll admit hologram can be a little tough to work into your wardrobe.
maxi dresses
I came to the depressing realization that it's gonna be quite some time before I can frolic semi-naked in a meadow, so I found other ways to wear a long, sheer dress in the meantime.
Any recommendations for wide shoes that won't make me look eighty?

Apr 1, 2014 at 6:30pm | 72 comments

Hey, tech developers: Can we make this happen, please?

Apr 1, 2014 at 4:00pm | 34 comments

tote bags
They really are the perfect carryalls, especially in the spring.
Plus my top-secret favorite most flattering and easy dresses in the world.