9 Etsy Shops Handmaking Shoes For You Like Adorable Storybook Elves

I don't know why it blows my mind that all shoes aren't made by corporate leather-and-cloth-cutting robots (which I support 100 percent). Here's a selection of lovingly hand-crafted kicks from me to thee.

Nov 2, 2011 at 6:00pm | Leave a comment

One of my best jobs ever was Shoe Buyer for a boutique. That's kind of a "duuuuh" I guess, but seriously, I loved buying shoes for all of us. It didn't hurt that I got lots of free shoes. Or it hurt so good.

Last Thursday, I popped into the grand opening of Chicago's new Stuart Weitzman boutique and was hurled full-force back into that obsessive Shoemania (and this). 


In my indominable DIY spirit, my mind wandered to my ultimate wish-list boots, a custom pair of mukluks on Etsy, and I got instantly motivated to climb into the indie craft wormhole and pull out the best Etsy has to offer in the way of handmade shoes.

Here's 9 shops, in alphabetical order, using their own hands to keep your feet looking good:

1. 23 Tribes, Oakland, CA


Brown Leather Moccasins $175

2. darlingtoniaNorthern California


Green and Red Apple Moccasin $129

3. Fairysteps, United Kingdom


DORIS Leather Shoe $263.11

4. Hydra Heart, Long Beach, CA


Organic Vegan Mustard Oxford $68

5. LaLa Shoes, Croatia


ZEN Vegan Ballet Flats $64

6. Mohop, Chicago, IL


Low Cherry Peeptoe Shoe $156

7. Netamir, Tel Aviv, Israel


Homemade Mary Jane Shoes $78

8. Spirocreations, Aukland, New Zealand


Custom Leather Mukluks $475

9. Zerkahloostruh, Massachusetts


Handmade Leather T-Strap Shoes $365

There you go. Pretty heavy on the yellow color-story overall, but I'm feeling it!

What's your take on independent shoes manufacturers? With a couple exceptions, I think the prices are not bad and I love that people are really putting love and craftsmanship into these.

What shoes are on your wish list right now?