5 Watches To Tell Hammer Time

Even with all my techy contraptions, I still need to wear a watch every day.
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Even with all my techy contraptions, I still need to wear a watch every day.

I've been wearing a watch every day since at least senior year of high school. I buy one and then when the battery runs out, I throw it in a drawer and buy a new one. Yes, I know you can replace the battery but it seems as good a time as any to just get something new. I've been wearing my current watch for a couple years now, so in anticipation of it finally dying, I've been looking around for possible next options. Here are the five finalists. Jeremy Scott x Swatch Black Opulence Watch $70, Opening Ceremony.   A super simple black-on-black face surrounded by a gilded frame. It's kinda the coolest thing I've seen in a while and at that price, I should probably scoop it up. 


La Mer Collections Icelandic Chain Watch $106, Shopbop.com.


I love these La Mer styles that feature chains and extra-long leather to wrap around your wrist multiple times, but I don't think this could be my everyday watch. I like something a bit more minimal. 

Marc by Marc Jacobs Henry Gold Patch $225, Piperlime.com. 


Lately I've really been thinking about getting a huge manly watch where the face takes up my entire wrist. I think this Marc by Marc style fills that niche.

Nixon The Rubber Player $150, Revolve Clothing. 


This is like a superhero watch. Rubber. Black. A diamond. It's a little too intense for me, but who doesn't like superhero gear?

Limetta, $50, Swatch. Swatch watches are always the coolest watches around. I had one with a measuring tape as a band when I was in high school and it was my favorite thing ever. I LOVE the monochromatic bold look of these and I am really feeling the need to buy like 10 of them and just stack them on my wrist, especially since they have the extra-long strap for added coolness. My future new watch? I think we have a winner.