Even with knowing most of the players in my family tree, I still don’t really know what genetic playground produced my hair.

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Tea tree oil is an antiseptic and an anti-inflammatory, making it super-effective in fighting against toxins that cause breakouts.
What you should feel upon walking into most nail salons is more of a crippling terror, particularly if a manicure is a regular part of your beauty routine.

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julien farel
As silly as it might sound, I really think writing about beauty can help women.
I’ve battled dry scalp for years and only recently figured out a way to nix the flakes for good.

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I have many fond memories of testing out pastel-colored cream eyeshadow and ungodly amounts of body spray.
victorian era
eye makeup
I've accidentally poked myself in the eye enough times that I finally figured out what works (and what doesn't).
Plus, a crash course on dew point and how to use it to stop a bad hair day before it starts.
acrylic nails
Dip ATM card readers are my mortal enemy and honestly, if I could go all Splinter on them and raise a bunch of mutant turtles to avenge me by destroying them, I would.

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Genetics blessed me with paltry little half-brows, but there are temporary and semi-permanent options that make them magically fill in.
America's favorite nuclear family goes glam with this amazing limited edition collection.
hair removal
I know that I manicure my yard for others, but I don’t know why I can’t stop myself from removing my body hair.
Pale skin might come with makeup complexities, but it doesn’t come with the structural discrimination and disadvantage that brown skin often does.
nail polish
The neon and accent-nail trends are not over if J-Depp has anything to say about it. (Does anyone call him J-Depp?)
Next up on my plight to a gorgeous visage via unconventional methods is silk cocoons used as exfoliators. Thus is the life of a beauty writer. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
What’s with this whole short hair having to be styled to look cute thing?
skincare routines
My nighttime skincare routine doesn't just have long-term benefits; I instantly look better after completing the regimen.
My Liason de Parfum fragrance review or an exploration of my dating history.

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The Bolsheviks were deep believers in equality between the sexes, and so widely available cosmetics, as a symbol of liberated womanhood and new proletarian prosperity, were absolutely necessary.
nail wraps
I have Jane Pratt wrapped around my little finger...nail.
retro beauty
It may not be the latest trend, but it's timeless, and worth mastering.
at-home manicures
My only prior experience with store-bought fake nails was the embarrassment of having them fall off in public. How mortifying is it to look down at your plate and see that your nails are now chilling in your salad like some cheap plastic nail-shaped croutons? Hell no, and no ma'am.