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Fear not, long-(or thick-)haired friends, I have four solutions to the problem of getting updos to stay up when you’ve got a lot of hair.
19 xoJaners gush about what they've been enthusiastically smearing all over their mouths lately.
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Climbing out from under the crushing weight of all those rules about short hair is one of the most freeing things I’ve ever done, and I want other women to do it, too.
Even though her freckles are adorable, she's already insecure about them. But I can't blame her -- I was exactly the same.
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It pretty much boils down to using the right products for you hair, using good tools, and putting a little muscle into it.
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Your lifestyle is directly affected by your hairstyle, but they can complement each other if you tell your stylist your priorities.
I’d never considered wearing locs, and I didn’t think it’d change the way I was feeling about donning natural hair. I was wrong.
Yep, summer fun can really suck if you don’t have summerproof magic hair.
It might not actually be National Tattoo Day, but I'd like your opinion nonetheless.

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I don't care if I'm freaking Methuselah. Why should I have to apologize for getting older?

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aging gracefully
So what to do? Grow old gracefully or do something about it?
Whether you're the bride or a bridesmaid, you deserve to be happy with how you look on such a big day.
The news that climate change could make redheads disappear from Scotland has me pondering the benefits and disadvantages of my hair color.
For 10 minutes, as I was nearly in tears, the hairstylist berated me about the idea of getting a pixie cut.
I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll probably never learn to sleep like a normal person, but here is what I do to try and make myself look more like a human being in the morning.
summer beauty
Beach bags are not suitcases. When it comes to products, go small or go home, literally.
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As long as you don't poke yourself in the eye, you'll never regret making the switch.