Does it ever get better/easier?

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I've decided I want to start shaving my lady bits bald on a regular basis and feel like I'm starting 10 years behind everyone else my age. (Was there a secret pussy shaving society back in high school that I missed out on? Do you guys have a secret handshake I'll have to learn?) I had been keeping it well groomed and short but I have sensitive skin and it hasn't been happy with this change to full on nakedness. Do you have any advice for techniques or products that I should be using so it doesn't look like I have a STD outbreak as the hair grows back? Do people really shave this every day? Should I be shaving against the grain or with it? I have a FUPA (fat upper pussy area) and shaving against the grain gives me a closer shave but then the ingrown hairs! I've started running and it has started getting angry about that as well, what with the chafing. Does it ever get better/easier? Any and all advice around this topic would be more than appreciated.

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