Wildly Effective Waxing Strips for Spontaneous In-Office Hair Removal

I prove it by waxing Emily's ankles.
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I prove it by waxing Emily's ankles.

Anyone who has ever tried a bad at-home waxing strip knows the frustration of smoothing on a sticky strip and ripping it off to reveal you haven't grabbed a single hair. After too many experiences like this, I had given up on strips and committed to the sort of wax you see in salons, housed in heat-up tins and applied using wooden stick applicators. Effective but time-consuming.

Then yesterday a game-changer arrived in the mail, Veet Ready-To-Use Wax Strips. When I opened the box I'll admit I was skeptical. "This shit never works," I thought. Since I go head-to-toe hairless, at any given time something is ready for a touch-up. Yesterday it was the at-home bikini wax I had given myself a few weeks ago.

I took to the bathroom with my Veet strips and gave them a go. Activating a strip works like this: rub it between two hands, pull it apart to reveal two waxy sides, slap it on to something hairy. Three Veet strips later and I was completely bald. The kit comes with pre-moistened oil wipes from cleaning up any leftover stickiness. I was so excited about this new discovery that I had to test it on someone else. Emily gladly obliged.

Have you tried an at-home waxing product that actually works?