TAKE IT OFF TUESDAY: Get Naked With Your Nails!

I just want mannequin hands. Trust me on this, okay?

Apr 3, 2012 at 3:01pm | Leave a comment


I'm serious!

"I have no idea what color to get," said Cat. "You choose."

We were at the nail spot near our hotel in Santa Monica and she needed a pedicure, the first after a long season of closed toed shoes and not really caring. 

"I don't know, how about this red," I suggested, handing her a blood-colored polish. 

"Ugh no," she said. "I hate that."

Eventually, she decided on Big Lebowski green, the deep lime seen in the movie on Tara Reid's toes. 

When it comes to choosing a nail color for my feet, I usually grab an awful shade from the shelf of polishes then change my mind while flipping through a magazine and copy something I've just seen. So if Rihanna has black, then I'm doing black too. I don't know, pedicure color doesn't matter to me that much. As for hands, I keep it strictly nude.

I love how Madeline changes her polish every two days and Olivia wears nail art, but I prefer "mannequin hands." Color is such a commitment -- it involves remover -- and I can't be tied down like that. Instead I like nails that act as  shiny extensions of my fingers.


Human hand? Just say no.

Also, manicures aren't very cool are they? Lauren Santo Domingo said it best on Into The Gloss, "I just go au naturale. I always feel really dorky with a manicure, to be honest. It feels so contrived." Amen. Still, I can't skip manicures altogether since I don't have great hands.

Lately I've been really into CND Shellac, which is sort of counterintuitive since it lasts longer than regular polish, and involves more of a color commitment. It's a UV polish, so there's no filing or buffing during application and there shouldn't be for removal, which means nails shouldn't be thinner once the color comes off.

What I love about Shellac manicures isn't that they last, but that you don't have to dry your polish. I don't know about you, but nothing makes me feel like more of an idiot than sitting still for fifteen minutes while my nails dry. With Shellac, you just pop your hands under a UV light (I can't speak for safety)* and BAM -- hard nails.

What's you stance on nail polish? Do you have go-to colors or do you switch it up? Regular polish or Shellac/UV/gel? Do you actually enjoy manicures? Let's talk about nails.

*According to Robert M. Sayre, Ph.D. and John C. Dowdy Ph.D. of Rapid Precision Testing Laboratories, the bulb has virtually no UVB or UVC radiation.

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