Red Carpet Beauty -- Why You See The Same Looks Over And Over (And How To Get Them!)

Anyway, around this time you’ll see a lot of articles on “Red Carpet Trends” -- have you noticed they’re literally the same from year to year?

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We are in the thick of awards season. Who ya rootin’ for? (QUEVENZHANE WALLIS!!!!) And like, Jennifer Lawrence is pretty cool.

Anyway, around this time you’ll see a lot of articles on “Red Carpet Trends” -- have you noticed they’re literally the same from year to year? That’s because there are certain beauty looks that just look good on everyone. “Dewy skin,” “smoky eyes,” “40s hair,” and “enhanced/bronzed cleavage” show up again and again on the red carpet, during awards season and always. Here’s how to get them!


Details on Polyvore 

Amanda Seyfried does this soo well. Step by step:

  1. Exfoliate (duh). I love Korres Wild Rose Daily Brightening & Refining Buff Cleanser.
  2. Apply a thick face cream (even a face oil if you like!) Cerave is a great drugstore option. 
  3. Use a light foundation or BB cream, and blend it in evenly with a kabuki brush. The goal is for it to look like your own skin. 
  4. Highlight your cheekbones with NARS Orgasm illuminator



Details on Polyvore.



This is the easiest beauty look ever that people try to make a big deal of with shadows, contouring, etc. Don’t be a reality TV star about it! All you need is a kohl pencil and mascara

  1. Line entirely around your eyes with a kohl pencil. Don’t worry about being too perfect with it.  
  2. Smudge it out with anything -- a smudger, a q-tip, or your finger.
  3. Apply mascara liberally.  
  4. DONE! Don’t do anything else; you’re ruining it.


 Details on Polyvore.

This sexy, Jessica Rabbit style is a favorite of possibly every female celeb -- Amy Adams, Kerry Washington, Rachel Weisz (pictured above), Blake Lively, all of them. It’s surprisingly easy to achieve.

  1. Curl 1-inch sections of hair with a 1-inch clip-free curler. Unlike when I showed you how to get Victoria’s Secret waves, you want to keep the sections of hair the same size. This allows you to get a smooth column of waves.
  2. Roll up and pin the curls with bobby pins until they cool.
  3. Release the curls, and lightly brush them out with a boar bristle brush.
  4. Spray it down with Elnett


Details on Polyvore.

Nobody’s breasts just naturally shimmer (except maybe Christina Hendricks’s, idk). Fake it:

  1. Apply NARS Body Illuminator in Laguna on your shoulders, collarbones, and in between your “prizewinners.”
  2. Set with Lancome Star Bronzer (apply with a big, fluffy brush to blend). 

P.S. How cute is Hayden Panettiere? I’m un-ironically obsessed with Nashville. Get on it.

What are your favorite red carpet “trends”? Any of you LA people ever been to one of these award shows? Is Stacy Keibler pretty in real life? These are my questions.

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