Reader Beauty Tip: Milk of Magnesia

"Here is my wacky oil-controlling beauty tip."
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"Here is my wacky oil-controlling beauty tip."

From Kristen:

OK, this is definitely weird, but I swear by this: You know milk of magnesia, the laxative? I put it on my face.

I have incredibly oily skin, and this is the ONLY thing that controls my greasiness all day long AND keeps my makeup in place. No joke. I apply a thin layer after washing my face and let it dry. The picture is what it'll look like after glopping some on. (I'm aware of how gross this looks.) You don't really need to use as much as I did here.

Busted Image

On top of that I apply sunscreen, and on top of that goes the tinted moisturizer. You can use a bit on your eyelids as an eyeshadow primer too. Moisturizing is key once it dries, because it truly dries the hell out of your skin. I’ve used all sorts of oil-controlling crap, including primers, and this is the only thing that works for me. Again, this will work best for super oily folks like me, anyone else would probably find this ultra-drying and icky. Well, I guess putting laxative on your face is kinda icky anyway, but trust me, it's awesome!

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