I’ve found a facial that cures hangovers (sort of)

In fact I probably could have styled out the fact that I’m totally hanging had I not just written this post
Rebecca Holman
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In fact I probably could have styled out the fact that I’m totally hanging had I not just written this post

Last night it was the xoJane UK launch party. Jane was in town, Phoebe was on the DJ decks and I was…at the bar.


Me on the last day of my old job with a hangover but no facial. My skin is not happy, and neither is my soul. In fact soon after this I skulked off to find the office sick bay for a little sleep.

I celebrated what turned out to be an epic party by drinking all the Editrix cocktails (named after yours truly) in the world, and then sitting on the curb smoking with my friend. I don’t smoke.


The cocktail menu aka my DOOM at the xoJaneUK launch party

Anyway, apart from my less than punctual arrival in the office today, and the fact I keep groaning and clutching my head, you wouldn’t actually know that I have a hangover. That’s because a couple of days ago I went to the Caudalie pop-up spa at Harrod’s Urban Retreat to try out their Vinoperfect Radiance Facial.

I chose this one because I've been feeling a little pasty and grey of late - too many late nights, too much crap food and definitely too much booze. The facial is ‘specifically created for tired skin,’ (check) and ‘restores radiance and vitality’ (yes) and comes complete with a sculpting massage (and you all know how much I like to use beauty treatments as a ploy to get people to touch me).

I'm not going to go on about the facial too much - not being a beauty journalist I can't really distinguish one from another. It was certainly very pleasant - in fact the massage was gorgeous and I very nearly fell asleep, so I really can't tell you what my lovely therapist actually did to my face. 

HOWEVER, I do know hangovers - and if you ask me, the biggest selling point to this facial is the fact that it seems to have sorted out my usual morning-after face.

Despite passing out in my make-up last night, my skin is actually glowing and I’ve managed to avoid the deathly pallor that normally comes over me at about 3pm when I’m hanging.


Behold my beautiful glowing face! Ok, I look just about normal, but that's a massive feat for me today. Full fat coke and massive plate of lasagne just out of shot... 

It’s totally psychological, but the fact that I look ok is making me feel better as well - I've even managed to force down half a cocktail during the filming of tomorrow’s Boozy Friday (I’m giving up my liver for you people!)

Because I feel better, I'm contemplating going to the gym tonight rather than slumping in front of the TV with a massive pizza and eating my way through the pain – thus making myself look even more pasty and bloated.

Maybe the cycle’s been broken!


Beauty treatments are magic!