Hair much is too much? I dyed my armpit pink to match my hair.

In the UK, a man who shaves his armpits is probably just as much a minority as a woman that doesn’t.
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In the UK, a man who shaves his armpits is probably just as much a minority as a woman that doesn’t.

I only very recently found out the actual definition of hirsute. I had heard the word before, but had no idea what it meant, and you know when a word sounds like another word, so you assume it has a similar definition? Have you ever done that? No? Well, I thought hirsute was like astute. Shut up, okay. Anyway, this new discovery got me thinking about body hair.

At first I wrote that men have way more freedom with their body hair than women. But when I actually thought about it, I’m not sure that they do. In the UK, a man who shaves his armpits is probably just as much a minority as a woman that doesn’t.

Personally, I only know of one girl who doesn’t shave her armpits, and surprisingly, it’s not because she’s a man-hating lesbian with a dangerous desire to unleash hairy feminist fury on the world. Actually, she says she doesn’t shave because she can’t be bothered to and that she doesn’t see the point/feel the need.

Obviously, armpits are only parting the hairy surface. As far as hair down below goes, I have a very mixed experience. In my hometown, 100% of my sexual experiences were with totally shaven ladybits. And then, when I moved to London, all of my experiences have been with unshaven ladybits. My number of experiences doesn’t amount to anything statistic-worthy, but is that a thing? Regional vaginal variations? Is Northern pube-culture distinctly different to Southern?

Anyway, back to the thick of it. I once shaved my pubes. Well, to be honest I’ve probably shaved them about thrice. I didn’t do it for any reason in particular other than morbid curiosity about what it would look/feel like. I have shaved my arms before too. Not sure why I did that either... Help me? Anyway, the result on both areas was pretty much the same: it just went a bit stubbly a couple of days later and didn’t look too nice. And the downstairs was being SUCH an itchy Ingrid. An uncomfortable Umberto. A prickly Penelope.

As far as reactions I have had to my own pubes, I’ve been told a range of things before, from ‘it’s getting a bit hairy down there...’, to ‘why is it so SHORT?’ Hopefully that last one was referring to the hair, anyway... So is trimmed the way to go with pubic hair?

Any which way, it seems pretty awful that anyone should be pressured into shaving their body hair off, or being pressured into keeping their body hair if they don’t want to. I think it’s fine to have preferences, but gosh it’s only hair. Did you read Squeamish Kate’s article on Armpits4August? I did and totally got inspired.


Here’s me with my armpit the same colour as my hair. Well, almost. It kind of just went a bit ginger and dyed the skin pink, but the solidarity thoughts are still there. And then I hair-removal-creamed the other one just to see what it feels like to have hairless pits. I’m totally pro-choice when it comes to hair. Go mental. Shave one armpit and dye the other one pink. Again, help me?

What are all of your hairy habits? Do you even care what your partner’s hairy mary looks like? Do you think men have more freedom than women hair-wise?

Please, do shair. (Sorry.)