SURPRISE, SURPRISE: My Favorite Kind of Doughnut Isn't Even Edible

It's a calorie-free treat for your hair!! Oh, god.
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It's a calorie-free treat for your hair!! Oh, god.

I've always loved the look of a big, high, ballerina-inspired bun, but when I try the style, my thin hair yields something more like

a sumo wrestler's top knot

. With such sad results, I'd filed buns in the "not for me" category along with bangs and being blonde. Until now!

Friday night

my friend Fran

and I were rushing out of the house to this horrible bar where one of our friends works near Union Square

for free drinks

to say hi. I say "horrible" because there was a Nazi war film playing on these huge televisions and I could've been hate crimed!

Back to hair. As we were hurriedly getting ready to leave, Fran pulled out this super-antiquated hair doughnut, something I had never seen anyone actually


. She has collarbone-length hair, but with the help of the doughnut, she managed to create a really voluminous bun and I was totally jealous.

Anyway, I warned her that I was going to steal the look, and now I have, for your benefit. All you need is a hair elastic and a doughnut (or chignon bun). I bought mine at a hair supply store near our office, and it's by this brand called Hair Ware that doesn't appear to have a website.

Now, on to the tutorial:

Easy, right? What do you think? Would you try this, or do I look like a flight attendant (which is perfectly fine if you


in fact working on a plane)? Tell me!

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