SURPRISE, SURPRISE: My Favorite Kind of Doughnut Isn't Even Edible

It's a calorie-free treat for your hair!! Oh, god.

Feb 22, 2012 at 4:00pm | Leave a comment

I've always loved the look of a big, high, ballerina-inspired bun, but when I try the style, my thin hair yields something more like a sumo wrestler's top knot. With such sad results, I'd filed buns in the "not for me" category along with bangs and being blonde. Until now!

Friday night my friend Fran and I were rushing out of the house to this horrible bar where one of our friends works near Union Square for free drinks to say hi. I say "horrible" because there was a Nazi war film playing on these huge televisions and I could've been hate crimed!

Back to hair. As we were hurriedly getting ready to leave, Fran pulled out this super-antiquated hair doughnut, something I had never seen anyone actually use. She has collarbone-length hair, but with the help of the doughnut, she managed to create a really voluminous bun and I was totally jealous.

Anyway, I warned her that I was going to steal the look, and now I have, for your benefit. All you need is a hair elastic and a doughnut (or chignon bun). I bought mine at a hair supply store near our office, and it's by this brand called Hair Ware that doesn't appear to have a website.

Now, on to the tutorial:

Easy, right? What do you think? Would you try this, or do I look like a flight attendant (which is perfectly fine if you are in fact working on a plane)? Tell me!

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