How do I broach this subject with a guy without turning them off?
I can't imagine how we could ever live together with all the Jewish rules that he knows nothing about and has no obligation to follow.
you are the advice columnist
He frames every poster, even the ones with promotional writing on them or really beat-up ones just because they have The Joker on them.
in laws
friends with benefits
abusive relationships
How would you guys talk to a friend who is in a dark place mentally and doesn't think she has a problem?
having children
I come from a broken, alcoholic family, so a stable home and family life has always been a dream of mine.
initiating sex
I have a hobby writing erotic fiction, but I don’t have the confidence to even initiate sex with my own boyfriend.
dating casually
After a few months of dating, it tends to either fizzle off or become a very casual hookup or "booty call" situation.