sxsw festival
We chose a bunch of our favorite shameless-in-a-good-way human beings to celebrate at the SXSW Festival this year!
guess belle
Just upload a pic of your favorite fashion look. If you can pick just one!
fcdu charmin strong
In which we re-imagined what it would be like if Mandy couldn’t use Twitter.
we were paid for this
In all honesty, Jane’s pajamas are rarely matching like they are here, but hide-and-seek is a game Jane and Charlotte regularly play with each other when they’re hanging out at home.

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#GoWireless with your favorite artist and Jabra. It’s the best way to unplug, but stay connected.
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As promised, the xoJane staff has worked collaboratively (with you) to develop new public commenting guidelines.

Jul 15, 2013 at 4:58pm | 151 comments

After many discussions, we made a difficult decision -- xoJane will no longer work with writers who violate our editorial standards while interacting with the community. We want to be clear: hate speech will not be tolerated.

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