Funny, obnoxious and frank. I easily could have been writing since the womb if I had a pen. Born in San Francisco, I'm NorCal through and through but stuck in Los Angeles. I'm a journalist by trade and have bylines for San Francisco Magazine, SF Examiner, OK!, Tonic!, Us Weekly.


Age: 31


What I do, job-wise: journalist & content producer


What I do, fun-wise: Reading, gaming, talking, laughing, friending, emoting, writing.


My motto: "You're right." (Secretly, I'm right.)


My Anti-Motto:


The first movie star I ever had a crush on: Toss up -Michael J. Fox or "Monroe" from Too Close For Comfort.


My "celebs to make out with" list: There can only be one: Ben Affleck


Last book I read without skimming any parts: "A Moveable Feast" by Hemingway


My most worn item of clothing: The scarf my mother bought in NYC weeks before I was born.


Beauty products that I hoard: Neutrogena Sesame Oil and Rainbath, Tom Ford Black Orchid parfum, Nike Fit socks.


I smell like: Jessica Simpson Fancy Love most days. And it smells delicious.


I have faked an orgasm: Who told?