hurricane sandy
Our culture’s tendency to think of women as weak and inconsequential actually has a measurable death toll.
Don’t stop drinking or recycling. Just use all those wine bottles and corks to make cool crafts!

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long term relationships
I get a little reflective and nostalgic when I think back on all we’ve been through and all the fun we’ve had. Here are 10 things I’ve learned — about relationships, life, and myself — in the past 10 years.
valentine's day
Looking for a Valentine’s Day card for your lover that’s a little less “earnest poem on a watercolor background”?
the frisky
I stopped eating intuitively when I was a kid. I can’t pinpoint one exact moment that my sense of hunger became more emotional than physical, but I remember lots of little moments that helped redefine my relationship with food.
the frisky
I mean, I met the guy of my dreams early in life, how lucky am I? — but as our relationship has progressed, I’ve noticed a few unexpected drawbacks that don’t affect couples who met later in life.
the frisky
Waking up before 7am is hard, but grocery shopping with the crowds is harder.
cat calls
I thought about something my dad told me awhile ago: “When someone violates your boundaries, they forfeit their right to politeness. You get to set the tone.”
the frisky
I’ve fostered toxic friendships with all the classic “types” that my friends have dated (and regretted dating): the manipulator, the sad sack, the emotional vampire, the drama magnet, the mean girl.
October is country music month — what better time to spread some love for a genre that’s adored by half the country and reviled by the other?