Somehow, I thought this process would be easier for me. Because I was going to design clothes for me, the plus-sized girl who loves fashion but, like many others, becomes annoyed and nauseous at the prospect of actually shopping for it.

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You can’t embrace diversity if you keep it at arms’ distance. To that end, it’s no wonder that the designers with the most diverse runways and ad campaigns (and inoffensive clothes) are also the one with friends and collaborators across the cultural spectrum.
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Black women will not stand for you making yourself feel better at our expense.
Princesses represent black women finally being seen and cherished.

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We're two adults, with lots of stuff, with our own stockpile of belongings. What do we ask for at a housewarming?

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And that's why it's a truly remarkable thing to see West Elm, a large company, publicly stand up for the little guy.

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The problem with “nude” has always been that it usually isn’t for everyone.
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The question I’m asked often, by other budding designers or people in creative spaces, is this: “But I can be inspired by anything! How do I avoid people saying I’m ‘appropriating’?” The answer is simple -- give credit to your inspiration.
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I’m tired of the notion that anything associated with "femininity" should be considered a liability, and should be avoided by “serious” or professional women at all costs.
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David is a bit apprehensive (read: terrified) about projects that involve color and design. Science is his realm, and for a long time, the concept of color theory was about as legitimate to him as unicorns and leprechauns.

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