how not to be a dick
If you have a friend who is a therapist, remember they’re your friend first and a therapist second, and they’re not your own personal therapist ever.
i'll try anything once
it happened to me
The more time that passed, the more terrified I felt that this had, in fact, happened to me, that my body had been violated while under the care of a medical professional to whom I had entrusted my health and my overall well-being.
I tarted plopping (aka plunking), and I’ve never looked back. After much trial and error and many many blog posts read and YouTube video viewings later, here is the method I’ve perfected:

Mar 22, 2013 at 2:30pm | 155 comments

"Honey, I like boys," he told me. "It's a compliment, don't worry about it."

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