Talia Witherspoon

Talia is a freelance digital journalist, writing artista, sometimes photographer and curator of Sassy Nation. A lifestyle specialist; her brand represents natural beauty, style, travel and healthy, simplistic living with a highbrow aesthetic. She has an affinity for lists and is also a known Earth lover, vegetable eater, tea sipper, cupcake baker and fun maker. Get to know her.
Facebook: The Sassy Nation
Twitter: @SassyNation
What I Do, Job-wise: Writer & Social Media Manager 
What I Do, Fun-wise: Cruise the ‘net, explore new neighborhoods, brunch & travel
My Motto: “Find a way or make one.”
My Anti-Motto: “Get a real job.”
The First Movie Star I Ever Had A Crush On: Not sure…
My “celebs to make out with” list: Idris Elba, Ryan Gosling, Tyson Beckford
Gerard Butler, Boris Kodjo, Daniel Craig, Jake Gyllenhaal, and probably George Clooney— oh, and Beyoncé! Because, why not? *Kanye Shrug* 
The Most Played Song On My iTunes: This week, "Maleficient" – Lana Del Rey 
Normally, “Until The Quiet Comes” Flying Lotus
Last Book I Read: "The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg
My Most Worn Item of Clothing: Jeans, Leggings and Uggs/flats
Beauty Products That I Hoard: Conditioner and nail polish
I smell like: Coconut Oil
I Have Faked An Orgasm (Yes/No): I doubt it