If you're not familiar with "Girl's Life," it calls itself the "#1 magazine for 10-15 year old girls" and features many glossy photo spreads of 10-year-old girls wearing lip gloss and trying on hair ribbons while smiling prettily into pink hand mirrors.
I'm pretty content with the way things are right now, but I definitely hold on to some feminist guilt about not having my own income, and I'm very sensitive to SAHM stereotypes and wage a constant battle against them.
Of the many terrifying responsibilities of parenthood, I consider teaching my son how to eat properly one of the most important.

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if you actually LIKE The Wiggles for real, then I guess that’s fine. That said, I maintain that you don’t need that shit.
Sometimes it really boggles my mind that I am somebody's mother and therefore am culturally expected to nag members of my household to keep our living spaces clean.

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A baby is an actual human being with all the disgusting bodily fluids, digestive issues, and wonky toenails of your average frat boy.
diaper bag
It’s not that heavy, but my baby has never been naked, covered in poop, hungry or bored in public!
Though I weigh every purchase carefully and do research and try to find deals, I REALLY LIKE TO BUY STUFF.
I am a stay-at-home-wife and mother. I have two master’s degrees. For the past few months or so, I've been obsessed with cups and balls.