Stephanie Sylverne

I enjoy signing up for the gym and imagining how good I would look if I actually went, exhibiting uncontrollable immature displays of road rage, arguing about both meaningful and meaningless subject matter until somebody cries, updating my iPod and still hating every song on it, pretending I'm ever going to finish going to school, making fun of reality shows while I watch them, praying for Stacy and Clinton to bring me $5,000 in exchange for all the clothes in my closet, stressing about whether to cut one or two inches off my hair, rolling my eyes at teenagers, and spending all my money on my kids.

In my spare time I talk trash on Twitter as @kvetchingyenta, read dystopian YA, and write obnoxious bios. My writing has appeared in Houston Chronicle's Mom Houston blog, Huffington Post, HipMama, and a couple of parenting anthologies.