Stephanie M. Clarkson

Stephanie is a web developer, writer, and occasional bartender who lives in Somerville, Massachusetts. She was born in Burlington, Ontario, raised in Kitchener, and majored in journalism at Conestoga College and Ryerson Polytechnical Institute.  She grew up pretty sure that Americans were the devil. Then she moved to Washington, DC when she was 22, and found she quite likes them. Since DC she has lived in Boston, Raleigh, Atlanta, and Toronto before returning to Boston in 2005. The result is yeah, she probably knows that dude. Stephanie spent most of winter 2011 baking for the Boston Occupy camp;  the next summer, when the non-profit she was contracted to honored the CEO of Bank of America, she felt compelled to quit. Her overly ethical ass is, as a result, unemployed. In her free time, she tries to correct that state, makes puppets, and teaches toddlers proper knife handling techniques.