jodi arias
These fleeting courtroom obsessions have happened before, from OJ Simpson to Casey Anthony, and I never became passionately argumentative or opinionated about any of them. But this time I did.

May 8, 2013 at 4:51pm | 103 comments

sex, sex, sex ... and love
Trust your Stripperstition -- it may be a subconscious form of pattern recognition lurking underneath the flashy sensory overload that works to enhance your Stripper Avatar.
This post is dedicated to the most bizarre and effective beauty secrets I picked up during my time in the club.
Money is being held hostage in wallets. Like most of the men in the bar, it’s scared and lonely and you need to rescue it.
While you’re traipsing around the club stoked/amazed by the newfound monetization potential of your genitals, be warned -- landmines are everywhere.
body image
Unlike most newbie dancers, I did not improve for a freakishly long time.