dr tiller
There is voltage in this work. That’s what really turned me on to YA fiction.
"There are things in there I made up, but which people have assumed are historical exemplars. But I never said The Miniaturist was anything else except a novel."
There's that special space you get into where you're so hungry that nothing makes sense and you irrationally hulk out.
When white people are provided with every possible medical intervention in the face of a dangerous hemorrhagic fever while Black people are left to die, there's only one possible explanation for that disparity: racism.
By the time I finally gave up and decided to get out of bed eight hours later, I had to admit that we were at watchPAT: 1, me: 0.
dear prudence
the internet
The Internet can be a terrible place, but don't hide behind that as an excuse to avoid dealing with inappropriate, cruel, and awful commenters.