i am a crotchety curmudgeon
Awareness about water issues is laughably low in much of the United States, which is maybe why people think this meme is funny and lighthearted, or that the symbolism of wasting a bucket of water isn't a big deal.
Instead of just hot must-reads from recent years, this list is comprised of truly life-changing and genre-changing texts.
For some transmasculine people, who may have years or decades of experience being treated as women, there is a nuance to our interactions with women that runs a little deeper.

Aug 16, 2014 at 9:00am | 23 comments

"I’m doing this terrible thing, plotting these horrible deaths by day and promoting this sweet, sweet series by night."
mental illness
Such commentary spreads lies and misinformation which makes it harder for trans kids to access treatment and respect.
Bottle summer in a jar, in less than 20 minutes.
i love cats
I am That Person who, upon spying a cat pretty much anywhere, immediately goes "kitty!" and veers off in search of the cat.
The first time I wore makeup, I was 17, in college, and being interviewed about a graduate student strike on a local television station.