It’s not a habit you’ll want to seriously cultivate, but you can learn a lot from these schmucks.
In almost every one of my relationships, at some point a condom showed up where it shouldn’t have.
body image
I chain chew, going through 18-pack after 18-pack, sometimes two or three in a day, especially when I’m feeling particularly emotional, or writing on deadline. The chain chewing doesn’t feel good, but it has come to feel necessary.
Regardless of whether or not a man was relationship material, I had no idea how to keep things light. How did you care for someone only half-heartedly? More vexing, how could you stand someone caring only half-heartedly for you?
celiac's disease
Before you roll your eyes, I am the Real Deal, diagnosed with celiac in 1967 when I was two, not one of those bandwagon types trying to avoid “inflammation” read: *cough* weight gain *cough*.