Raya Raycheva

Raya Raycheva is a journalist and writer based in London and obsessed with the glorious city. Originally from Bulgaria, she went through a decade of professional ballet training and lived to tell the tale. After getting a BA in Psychology, spending a year living in Portugal and falling in love with a Londoner, she moved to the island for an MA in International Journalism.
Raya is obsessed with music and co-found a website where she shares her favourite new tracks and artists as well as concert and album reviews at mofidelity.co
A proud introvert and internet addict, she also has a collection of high heels that she’s only worn at home while in her novelty pajamas. When she does talk to people instead of sulk silently in the corner of the room, it is usually to give detailed descriptions and reminisce about past culinary experiences. Other hobbies include making of collages, sewing, redecorating without asking, judging people, cats, feministing, traveling, casual online stalking (the totally harmless and not crazy kind) and observing the gradual end of humanity. Good scientific research and discoveries give her almost sexual pleasure.
She has been described as “smelling of hatred and lust” and “irritatingly objective”. Even though she is far from mastering the comings and goings of life, people tend to use her as a life coach. 
You can follow Raya’s music recommendations and special blend of apathy and outrage (yes, both) at @rayaiam.