"You're a very pretty girl," he said. The hair on the back of my neck literally stood up, and my stomach clenched in that all-too-familiar way.
Or how I'm forcing Marci to stop being a clothes hoarder while I stay with her in New York this week.
gossip girl
I've been getting Blair comparisons for six years, and now I'm ready to embrace it. Bow down.
A thoughtful gift can mean a lot, and it's still cheaper than a hotel room.
self help
fashion trends
A moment of silence for all the years I spent NOT wearing crop tops, please.
work clothes
Kara got herself a fancy new job, but she needs new clothes. WE GOT THIS.
Looking a hot mess sort of defeats the purpose of riding a bike when the whole purpose of riding a bike is to look cool.
80s movies
I'm not getting married but EVERYONE ELSE IS I GUESS so here's some pretty dresses and stuff.