pink clothes
Red and pink aren't supposed to mix but I really like the colors together and I think you will too.
spring fashion
I have a hard time denying myself a good black dress. Or black pants. Or all black everything, always. So I’m just giving in, and wearing black all season long.
sports bras
Sports bras ain’t cheap, and I hate to think of money just sitting there in my underwear drawer.
What do y’all think about wearing monochromatic outfits, or wearing 50 shades of the same color at once?
It really kills me to hear my 20-something friends talk about how “boring” it is to save money or discuss money.

Jan 30, 2014 at 4:00pm | 235 comments

sex writing
fashion dare
I decided to test this trend in a place where suburban side-eye reigns supreme, where camo jackets outnumber the wild life, where every other vehicle is a pickup truck and every other pickup truck has nuts. That’s right, we’re in Mississippi.
So let’s talk about conquering the world of Etsy and getting you that vintage wardrobe of your cool friend’s dreams
couch surfing
Packing for one of these trips is way easy because I never do it until, like, five minutes before I need to leave.