Rachel Pedroso

I spent most of my twenties as a flight attendant, reader, writer, trouble-maker, bicycle enthusiast and seasonal runner. Then, in one season, I fell in love, started playing house with my new beau, and became pregnant. 

With twins. 

In 2010, my boyfriend and I became mama and papa to our twin boys, Reese and Elliott. We originally thought our adventure was about having children so early on in our relationship. What we only learned later was that we’d have a tumultuous pregnancy, a three month pre-mature delivery, a long and arduous NICU stay, and that one of our sons would have spastic cerebral palsy.

I love to pretend I’m a farmer, a photographer, and a yogini.  I’m most sincerely a feminist and an atheist.  I write about all that stuff and about trying to do this parenting thing with integrity and mindfulness.  

You can read more at my very own web log!