Rachael Lander

Rachael Lander is a freelance cellist and blogger from London. She is the progeny of two classical musicians who divorced and remarried two more classical musicians. It was her destiny to make her living as a performer but whilst she was completing her bachelors degree she was assailed with debilitating performance anxiety. She freaked out every time she went on stage and on one occasion walked off mid-piece (Elgar, if you’re interested.) Naturally, she medicated her symptoms with prescription drugs and alcohol and tried her best to continue as normal. Shockingly the vodka plan failed in its execution, and when she came to, five years later, she was working as the world’s most disastrous waitress and the cello had been lying in its case for over a year. Eventually she got some help, sobered up, and began to play the cello again, feeling all of her feelings. Now she is a full time session cellist, performing with big-wigs, drug and alcohol free. When she gets home from work she writes all about it. Last year she ran away to New York and got married under a big central park tree. Rachael loves her electric blanket, Frasier reruns, walking along the River Thames and writing about herself in the third person for strangers on the internet.