R. Melissa Masoom

The name on my birth certificate: Rukhsanda Masoom
The name I prefer: R. Melissa Masoom 
 Age: 29
Current City: Houston, TX 
What I Do: Boring lawyer things with lots of freelance writing in between
What I Really Want to Do: Travel the world and try every gross/weird food out there
Current Obsessions: My cat Splenda Sheryl Poops Brenneman III, Esq, YA dystopian novels, Trader Joe's, Game of Thrones, and green tea ice cream
The Quote I'm Living By: "A tiger does not lose sleep over the opinion of sheep."
Where I Get Most of My Clothes: Forever 21 (it's sick, I know)
The Childhood Dream I Had To Let Go: Being a ballerina
Current Goals: Cook something new every week, save up enough to go to Tokyo, pass the Texas bar exam.