Routinely donning items called “nude” in someone else’s skin tone begs the question, "What’s wrong with mine?"

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Beauty is what you don’t rinse off at night before bed. The rest is just styling. They don’t sell beauty-removing wipes at the drugstore.

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We talked about having fun vs. being “ladylike."

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makeover shows
I didn't assume that a makeover show would be an enlightening journey of intellectual pursuits, but it didn't have to be this bad.
I’ve lost count of how many white editors have asked me to write about Ferguson. My first answers were along the lines of “I’ll try if I can stop crying,” or “I really don’t have much to say beyond THIS IS HORRIBLE.”

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I bent down to make eye contact with the boy, who was still sitting and staring straight ahead. I said, “I’m gonna tell them what I saw, but I don’t want to put words in your mouth." He cut me off: “They won’t listen to me anyway.”
mass murder
valentine's day
Is it unreasonable for me to want to share my life with someone? And, if we accept that perhaps it is not, is it understandable that a holiday dedicated to romance could intensify that desire and underline what is missing?
Your experience starts a dialogue; sure. But not every conversation needs to be entertained without you doing some homework on your own first.

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