Ona Anosike

Ona Anosike is a future fiction author and a freelance writer based in Cambridge, MA. She is a graduate of Northeastern University in Boston and holds a Bachelor’s of Arts in English. Currently she is a MFA in Creative Writing candidate and cannot wait to begin her studies in the Fall of 2013. She is also currently working on her semi-obsession with herself since it takes up most of her time. She freely admits it’s a little bit unhealthy. 
Age: 22, well in a week
Twitter: Coming soon
Instagram: OhsoFierce
What I Do, Job-wise: I write about myself since I find myself so intriguing. I also use my imagination and create fiction stories. 
What I Do, Fun-wise: Laugh like a hyena (that’s really how I sound, it’s not a fake laugh), dance inappropriately, Google weird things, read books and hoard makeup.
My Motto: I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself
My Anti-Motto:  There are rules for a reason
 The First Movie Star I Ever Had A Crush On: Johnny Depp.  
My “celebs to make out with” list: Idris Elba, Maxwell, Daniel Craig, Common, Kendrick Lamar, Wizkid and Johnny Depp.  There are a few more.
The Most Played Song On My iTunes: Okay this may be a little inappropriate but Joey Bada$$ “Waves”. Despite my embarrassment I am glad to be honest. 
Last Book I Read Without Skimming Any Parts: I majored in skimming when I studied English but Arundhati Roy The God of Small Things. 
My Most Worn Item of Clothing: My semi-sheer leggings. 
Beauty Products That I Hoard: MAC and Illamasqua lipstick. I hope to start hoarding blush, thanks to Nars. 
I smell like: Bvlgari Rose Essentielle with a mix of shea butter and coconut oil.
I Have Faked An Orgasm (Yes/No): What? *clutching my pearls*.