Over the past year I’ve become somewhat of a web series junkie. Being that I live in South Korea, English-language television pickings are slim, and one has to get sort of creative if she wants to see people like herself on the small screen.
Against my better judgement I choose to entertain the foolery and pretend that maybe our differences didn't matter so much.
plus size
A few summers ago I bought a V-neck bodysuit with a mesh see-through center. I had lost 20 pounds (again) and was feeling myself. I wore it one time before gaining the weight back (again) and relegated the sexy ensemble to the back of my closet.

Oct 4, 2013 at 12:00pm | 74 comments

unpopular opinion
Peering into the grocery carts of the women that surround me I wonder, how lazy or busy does one have to be to not be able to cook your own oatmeal without the help of a microwave?
how not to be a dick
I’ve bunked with self proclaimed sex addicts, shared a dorm room with a hoarder, and put up with all manners of bull-shiggity in the name of cheap rent in the big city.
Seeing my mother struggle with parenthood makes me wonder if history will repeat itself.