IHTM: I fell over. Let's talk about our scars and how we got them!
I, like my parents before me, throw myself 150% into things before moving swiftly on to the next new exciting phase.
How do you remind yourself to not compare your relationship to other people's? Probably starting by not reading stupid surveys about romance, I guess.
social media
I deleted my account the other night and realised that actually, I really like it.
Also: xoEditors reveal their Death Row menus. It's a really tasteful piece.

Mar 13, 2014 at 12:30pm | 356 comments

weight loss
I'm not talking a handful of nuts here or there, I'm talking 6-rounds-of toast-type snacking.
cinema rules
I got called a f*cking bitch at the cinema last night for asking a girl to please be quiet. SOMEONE HOLD MY BAG
trigger warning
I've never written about this, or even really spoken about it. I guess now is just the right time.
Do you spend tons on your pets? Or do you think spending lots of money on animals is ridiculous?