Natalia Lusinski

Natalia Lusinski no longer has candy-colored hands. Her writing has appeared in CNN Money, the L.A. Times, Chicken Soup for the Soul anthologies, and several other publications.
For over four years, Natalia couch-surfed through L.A.—sleeping on over 200 sofas in an effort to whittle down her student loan debt and find the type of home she’d yearned for growing up. She is currently writing a memoir about the experience, then plans to finish one about her OCD. In the meantime, she works as an associate producer on documentaries and as a script coordinator in scripted television, where she uses her OCD for good (i.e., being extremely thorough and detail-oriented).
To learn more about her or her couch-surfing venture, check out or her 52 Weeks, 52 Couches Facebook page.
If you need a place to crash, she and her boyfriend now have an apartment and are taking in couch-surfers.