Naja Matthews

Naja Matthews was born two streets behind Elvis’ house in Memphis, TN. She now resides in Harlem,New York City, right down the street from Maya Angelou. After earning her degree from The University of Tennessee, she went on to attend graduate school at The University of North Texas. After 4 years in corporate America in Dallas, she realized she was becoming another worker ant and she leapt out of her office window, hopped on her broomstick and retreated to New York City. 
She was born with a creative spirit and she was in search of a way to make a living in which she did not have to get out of bed and she didn’t have to wear clothes all the time, needless to say, she was called to writing! 
If Naja could have one super-power, she would love to be able to teleport. That way, she could have cheese eggs, bacon and grits with her Grandma in Memphis every morning, go for a mid-day swim in Antigua, have lunch in Rome with perfect strangers and be home in time for dinner with her beau in New York.
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