Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Morgan moved to New York City all by her lonesome at age 18. She is a copy editor and managing editor and has worked in one form or another for, among others, Latina, Martha Stewart Weddings, Stuff, Penthouse, Budget Travel, Glamour, Domino, Tokion, King, Rides, Antenna, 0-60 and Respect magazines. She enjoys commenting on people’s Facebook statuses with “COOL STORY, BRO,” no matter how inappropriate; looking at Portland apartment and house rentals, imagining how awesome it would be to live in Oregon on a New York salary; solo dance parties in her apartment, with headphones; Activia as dessert; eating burritos no fewer than three days a week; Lockup marathons on MSNBC; and fancy matte wrapping paper. Follow her on Twitter @morganoregon .